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IT Applications Presentation Transaction processing systems (TP systems) is designed to collect, record, and manipulate the data related to a company’s day-to-day business operations. TP systems help clothing companies to connect to sales outlets. It collects data on the types of clothing and the sizes that are selling the fastest. Within hours a decision is made by the managers with the information and instructs the manufactures to make a certain amount. Knowledge Management Systems (KM systems) An IT system that analyzes the information collected from the TP system but filters and analyzes it to make it more useful to managers KM system is supposed to identify the most important information in the database and extract. The mass of data collected daily by the TP systems. When extracting the company first instructs its functional managers to develop set criteria about the information that needs to be collected. KM systems recognize problems for an example with a clothing store there is hundreds of thousands of pieces of sales data each day in its TP system. Information develops rules and alerts if the demand for a specific product drops or the customers are returning a particular product. (indicating there is a quality problem) KM system is important in service organizations that use IT consultants. Consultant captures knowledge while working with a client and giving it to KM systems.
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IT Applications Presentation - IT Applications Presentation...

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