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The debate of equal rights and when it involves same sex marriage for gay men and lesbians. This debate is an issue that involves civil rights. When expressing issues are is, does, and should forms, using these forms are the central elements of dispute. Determining these elements is done by from the points of each side uses in its argument. This is why Proposition 8 is an issue because of the gay men and lesbians protesting for equal rights against people who do not believe in same sex marriage. The side against same-sex marriage constitutes cruel and unusual
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Unformatted text preview: treatment; this violates a persons constitutional rights. It is something how my work is clashing with my academics. A conversation was sparked about gay people and how it is not right and of course there was a side that did not agree. This could be a problem with the issue of Proposition 8. The problem being that the fate of these people and the way that seems fit to live for them is in another persons hands that does not have the same beliefs....
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