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HUM111 assignment week 2 - Barrack Obama has been...

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Barrack Obama has been criticized before and since he took office it seems. With the foreign wars that the United States were involved in then got pushed onto him. Agreeing with the President to push forward to free America from depending on foreign oil and green jobs being created in the nation. Disagreeing with the President is opposing politicians that believe it is expensive and not necessary. When looking at both sides President Barrack Obama has a point on being dependent from foreign oil. President Obama has a strategy of increasing fuel economy standards, getting one million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015, and investing 150 billion over the next decade to catalyze private clean energy efforts. The United States of America cannot afford to bet on a long term prosperity and security of a resource that will eventually run out. President Obama has in his budget $8 billion for clean energy programs. That traditional energy sources would not be enough to alter the dependence on foreign sources.
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