Checkpoint Defining Race and Ethncity

Checkpoint Defining Race and Ethncity - It is important to...

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There are four types of minority or subordinate group’s race, ethnicity, religion, and gender. The term for racial group is reserved for minorities and the corresponding majorities. There are two crucial words in racial grouping the obvious and physical. The obvious is the appearance that stands out, like hair color, the shape of an earlobe, presence of body hair and skin color are obvious differences. In the United States traditionally people are classified as either white or black in most cases. The concept of racial groups is important to the United States society. This is because with the number of different minorities in this country everyone fits in somewhere. There are many Hispanic groups that are unaccounted for because of their skin color being so dark. This shows in the census that many Hispanics don’t know which box to check when it comes to their race. Some check white/Caucasian and others check black if they are confused.
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Unformatted text preview: It is important to not forget any race for everyone to have equal opportunity. Terms of ethnic groups in the United States include grouping there is many other ethnic groups for Hispanic or Latinos and they can be classified black or white depending the area of the United States. Texas will consider a dark Hispanic black, but in the same sense in New York City viewed as a Puerto Rican. Cultural traits make groups distinct and originate from their homelands. These traits are important to ethnicity and makes up the races and ethnic groups. Every ethnic group has different traits in cooking, living styles, beliefs, and sports activities. Ethnic groups are important in the United States and finding a way to be equal is in high demand by the minority. It is observed every day of the struggles for equality....
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