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PSY201 assignment week 1 - how fast it boiled So the...

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Any research that I have done is all been in a science classroom. For example testing water and how fast it boils at different temperatures. Colder the water the faster it boils rather than hot water. The subfield of psychology to this research would be experimental psychology. This branch of psychology studies the processes of sensing, perceiving, learning, and thinking. With this experiment the only data taken was how long it took to boil hot and cold water. Another specialty that would help is cognitive psychology, which focuses on higher mental processes. Of thinking, memory, reasoning, problem solving, judging, decision making, and language. The research methods used by psychologist would be similar. To recording data on the water and
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Unformatted text preview: how fast it boiled. So the processes of sensing the water heating up, like, learning and thinking about the water and when it boils. Is going to be similar because of the point of the research, if given another opportunity there would be more data collected from the starting point of the boil to the end. My research was solely on how fast water could boil. So a cognitive approach of higher mental process was established to judge, think, and makes decisions on when to make accurate readings when the research is being taken at various time periods of the boil. Understanding the bio-logical behavior to examine the behavior process of the water boiling, and the rise in temperatures between hot and cold water boils....
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