wonderland - Vender2 white cream from Japan Vender3 Packing...

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1, Chen yang Wonderland bakery 2, type of business: public company; industry: food and beverage, selling a wide range of bread, cakes, buns and pastries. 3, Form 1120 , U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return (Regular Corporation) 4, my targeted customers are those young people who like trying new things and have courage to challenge it, because our kitchen never make those cookies or cakes that is what other bakery always do ! My targeted customers also are those white-collar workers who earn fat salary but don’t have time to know today’s fashion ( our food court’s interior decoration is designed like a coffee house or book store. ) And the girls who deadly love dessert but need to keep their nice bodies are also my targeted customer. Customers are paying more attention on how nutritious the food is. 5, Vender1: Flour business from China
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Unformatted text preview: Vender2: white cream from Japan Vender3: Packing Box from Tokyo lovely bear store 6, me: leader of this company, charge of the management team and make significant decisions, have more than 80% company share. My mother: my partner and our company’s investor My father: hourly employee of my company, the working time is started after his day-time job. 7, Health-related Foods : Power Production, a series of supplemental food products for athletes. BREO, an oral care candy that was developed for cleaning the tongue and breath Ice Cream Products : Giant Cone, ice cream in a large cone with crisp chocolate and nut toppings. Banana, vanilla ice cream in a handy long cup with fruit sauce fillings in the centre Fashion bread: different shape, earthquake topic, mix spicy and meat together...
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wonderland - Vender2 white cream from Japan Vender3 Packing...

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