3_Rock_Cycle - processes (such as crystallization,...

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© 2009 W.W. Norton Stages of the rock cycle. See also page 195 Crust Mantle Erosion and deposition Burial and heating Melting Igneous rock Sedimentary rock Metamorphic rock Burial or heating Erosion and deposition Erosion and deposition
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© 2009 W.W. Norton Rock-Cycle Assignment This is your last team assignment [4 points] – It’s about the Rock Cycle You just came home, dazzled and intrigued by the Rock Cycle you learned about in your geology class, and you think that this rock cycle is a really neat way of tying several aspects of geology together. You are trying to explain to your parents or a friend or significant other who know nothing about geology, what the rock cycle is all about. Like many scientists you are using an analogy to explain the geologic
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Unformatted text preview: processes (such as crystallization, weathering, sedimentation) in a familiar way, and you say: The rock cycle on planet Earth works like. 2009 W.W. Norton Rock-Cycle Assignment Your analogy should include the following aspects: 1. The cyclical nature of the Rock Cycle 2. The fact that the rock cycle has several stages 3. The aspect of constant change 4. The fact that there are options to the pathway Make sure that you point out what part of your analogy corresponds to which part of the Rock Cycle. This way you wont miss any stages. Your analogy should be at least one page long. The addition of a chart or a flow diagram is part of the assignment. The deadline is Tuesday, July 26, 2011, at 5 PM....
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3_Rock_Cycle - processes (such as crystallization,...

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