eemb40notes - Puerperal fever-childbed fever, Gordon,...

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Puerperal fever--childbed fever, Gordon, doctors must wash hands, ithout the germ theory they couldn't comprehend Fomite--any inanimate object or substance capable of carrying infectious organisms and transferring them from one individual to another ICU (3 reasons why it is an increasing problem for nosocomial infections)--there isn't always time for hygiene, high rate of antibiotics, immunocompromised people US healthcare (leading cause of problems + % who get infected and annual rate)--hand washing, 1 in 10, 2 mil per year BSL 1--do not ordinarily cause human disease BSL 2 (level + 3 diseases)--moderate, mumps HIV Measles BSL 3 (type of exposure route +lab stuf + 3 examples)--inhalation, glove boxes and double door entry, SARS, TB, Anthrax BSL 4 (type of diseases + 3 examples)--fatal with no vaccine, Marburg and Ebola Virus, Hantaavirus HIV (3 factors contributing to spread)--transport, hospitals, forced labor HIV (type of virus)--Lentivirus HIV (rash)--Kaposis Sarcoma HAART--Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
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eemb40notes - Puerperal fever-childbed fever, Gordon,...

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