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Art 1c 10/05/10 Week 2 She was Born and raised in Manx, a country between Englands islands. Jane Callister in her stay in Las Vegas with her husband started doing abstract meaning in arts. One piece done with Pinocchio portrayed in a religious manner expresses the differences she’s noticed in her stay in America as opposed to the kind of setting she was used to back home. Pornamental is a series of paintings of hers relating the physical contrasting it to different elements. The fixation of an orgy like action in the art that embraces her abstract ideas. Architecture Uses chocolate/edible mediums in a lot of her pieces both paintings and architecture, a lot of cuisine influences. Cosmic- lingerie Use two-extremes express spirual quests forced together, with influences of victorias secret lingerie and steven hawkings space. Liquid Landscapes Became most known for in LA for this style of painting. A style of pouring/splashing paints onto canvas to creates its own free moving natural
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Unformatted text preview: image. explosive, liquefied landscapes. With colors contrasting from each other. Sticker Project A method in which she would create paint blots and peel the, off to add to another piece. Vandallister Jane Callister and Jen Vandal collaborated in some art pieces Uses food references to express sensories such as sexual to the kind of feeling taken from delicious delicacies. Iono im so fuckingbasted. Fuckthis. Turbulance A big expressive style evoking excitement, explosions, screaming, wars, fighting, a lot of movement, pop rocks. Started combining the stickers with the paintings. After that, decided to start making companion pieces either figures or statues to go along with the images or paintings she had. Found in Translation Her most recent project she’s working after her project of Tastes like Pink Paintings, pieces of different landscapes Clouds in Europe are different than the clouds we got hurrrrr....
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