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Assignment 2 Subtopic A: Volcanic Landforms (11 pts) A.1 The islands and seamounts of the Hawaiian archipelago arranged in a straight line has to do with the direction the oceanic crust moving over a hotspot, where rising magma occurs. The magma then rises to the sea floor, creating a Volcano. As the plate moves, the volcano moves with the lithosphere’s new placement and the rising magma continues to form a new volcano. The reason why the south easternmost island is the most active and youngest is because the plate in which the Hawaiian archipelago is on, is moving north westward. A.2 Midway Island is roughly about 27.7 million years old. The island is approximately 1500 miles away from the hotspot location in Hawaii. A.3 On average per year, the pacific plate moves about: 8.714801444 cm. A.4 According to the text, the change in the seamount chain pertains to the change in direction of the plate. Possibly, over the course of millions of years, the plate suddenly changed course in direction, heading in a more northern direction, or the hotspot may
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