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comm final review - 1. Compared to people from...

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1. Compared to people from individualistic cultures, people from collectivistic cultures are more likely to value and respect: a. self-restraint b. privacy c. independence d. all of the above 2. According to your reading, if members of a culture have high respect for status and hierarchy and tend to be uncomfortable questioning people in authority, that cultural group is said to be a(n) __________ culture: a. individualistic b. masculine c. high power distance d. low-context 3. According to Howie Giles’ guest lecture, an effective way to resolve intercultural conflict is: a. to have people mainly just spend lots of time (high contact) with members of a different group. b. to just make people aware that intercultural differences exist. c. to make people accept a universal language that applies to everyone. d. to make people more aware of their perceptual and historical biases toward outgroup members. 4. According to your reading, the problem of “groupthink” is less likely if groups: a. strive for cohesion and consensus above everything else. b. make sure their members understand the importance of loyalty and unity. c. avoid expressing disagreement so that they don’t hurt each other’s feelings. d. all of the above e. none of the above 5. A car accident happened, in which one car struck another broadside, and the car that was hit ended up overturned. Luckily, the drivers of both cars only had some cuts and bruises.
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comm final review - 1. Compared to people from...

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