POLS 6 midterm review

POLS 6 midterm review - 01:42 POLS 6: Comparative Politics...

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01:42 POLS 6: Comparative Politics Advanced Democracy Comparison Comparing Institutions How do presidential systems di er from parliamentary systems? f Parliamentary system- has 2 separate roles for head of government and head of state. Head of government- prime minister and cabinet are charged with formulating and executing policy Head of state- ceremonial duties and is usually either an indirectly elected president or a hereditary monarch. Prime minister is usually a part of the majority party Head of government is elected through legislature Head of state could be elected through voters or legislature Presidential system- combines the roles of head of state and head of government through the president. President doesn’t necessarily have to be of the bigger party in legislature Head of gov. and state is elected through voters This system is criticized for having divisive winner-take-all out-comes, lacking the flexibility needed to confront crises, and leading to overly powerful exectuives in the face of weak and divided legislatures. Describe the law-making process in presidential and parliamentary systems. How do the roles of the executive and legislative institutions di er in each? Which system has the most powerful executive? Why? f
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POLS 6 midterm review - 01:42 POLS 6: Comparative Politics...

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