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assignment 1 - Copy

assignment 1 - Copy - In short a non-routable protocol...

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Michael Mallard Assignment 1 02/16/2012 1. What is the purpose of a Network Operations Center (NOC)? Either to manage different networks or to provide geographic redundancy in the event of one site being unavailable or offline 2. Your company is using P2P technology to distribute software. Where is this software Stored? Any peer clients that have the file and are uploading it to other peers 3. Name at least three products that are often called flavors of UNIX. 1 System V 2 Berkeley Systems Distribution (BSD) 3 Sun Solaris 4. What three elements are common to all networks? Clients, Medium, Servers 5. List the seven OSI/RM layers, beginning with Layer 7. Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data link Physical 6. Why is it important for operating system vendors to consider the OSI/RM when Developing networking software? OSI/RM allows different vendor systems to communicate with each other Not considering the OSI/RM will result in communication failures 7. What is the difference between routable and non-routable protocols?
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Unformatted text preview: In short, a non-routable protocol cannot be used to send information outside of the network it is directly attached to, while a routable protocol can pass through one or more routers that bridge two networks. 8. Name the two types of twisted-pair cable, and the two varieties of wire available for each. Two types _______________ Shielded twisted-pair Unshielded twisted-pair Varieties _____________ Stranded Solid 9. What are the two major types of fiber-optic cable? Singlemode, Multimode 10. A network administrator suspects a security problem on a wireless network, and has changed the SSID on the wireless access point. How will existing wireless network clients be affected? One minor change in a system's SSID may cause the wireless connection to fail. 11. What is virtualization? Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources....
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assignment 1 - Copy - In short a non-routable protocol...

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