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FSDSAFDSAFDSA - Copy - Hello Everyone My Name is Michael...

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Unformatted text preview: Hello Everyone, My Name is Michael Mallard when I was growing up my father was in the navy so I’ve moved around the states a lot. I’ve been to twelve different high schools and now I’m hoping to get in some college . I am recently married I live in Chattanooga TN and I’m in the Army National Guard with 1 year left. I also have no kids but I have six nieces and two nephew and they make me happy enough. Currently I’m unemployed but I’m going to school so I get the GI bill for being fulltime. I fix computers locally but that’s more of a hobby for me to do on the side of a job or school. I love electronics and I learn fast with anything that has to do with computers. I am currently running a server from my home for game hosting I love it even though there are problems. It’s fun for me to fix each problem and learn about hosting a server. Since my MOS in the army is Military Police I have mostly worked security and police jobs. I was deployed and learned a lot about networking and that’s why I went towards networking. I’m sure I’ll learn deployed and learned a lot about networking and that’s why I went towards networking....
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