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fundamental MIS terms and concepts_1_1

fundamental MIS terms and concepts_1_1 - Some Basic Terms...

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Some Basic Terms and Concepts in Information Management prepared my Richard Kesner for MISM 2301 and other Management Information Systems (MIS) Courses offered at Northeastern University
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Observations About the Business World and Information Resource Management: We live in an information age. Among an organization’s their most value assets are its intellectual property (IP – a.k.a. proprietary knowledge). Management of information pervades all aspects of business – day-to-day operations t decision making and process control planning, innovation and corporate transformation. Business leaders must comprehend the range, complexity, and uses of the information and develop the competencies to manage and apply these assets in running their organizations. Globalization, the growth in business activity running over the Internet, the associated rapid evolution of new business models, and the ongoing wave of corporate mergers and acquisitions have necessitated the rethinking of the role that information technology (IT) plays in enabling the enterprise. Business information systems, that embrace, people, processes, and IT, integrate the enterprise and span across its value chain of global corporate relationships. MISM 2301 concerns itself not with specific technologies but rather with those issues, processes, and methods that: (1) position IT investments in the context of the enterprise, (2) identify the critical success factors in the effective and efficient selection and deployment of IT (3) demonstrate how IT-enabled business processes can transform nature/value of enterprise product and service delivery.
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fundamental MIS terms and concepts_1_1 - Some Basic Terms...

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