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company’s income statement and certain additional information for the year ended December 31, 2009. December 31, 2009.  Though not required, students may wish to complete the supplemental worksheet in the Workbook,  which may assist with completing the required statement of cash flows. Assets: 2009 2008 Cash and cash equivalents 75,000 $ 58,000 $ Accounts receivable, net 182,000 168,000 Inventories (at LCM, using FIFO cost) 209,000 192,000 Total current assets 466,000 418,000 Property, plant and equipment, at cost 654,000 571,000 Accumulated depreciation (191,000) (173,000) Property, plant and equipment, net 463,000 398,000 Total assets 929,000 $ 816,000 $ Liabilities and shareholders' equity:
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