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Home Depot Executive Summary
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Running Header: Home Depot, Inc. Financial Analysis Home Depot, Inc. Financial Analysis Tim Gillespie Home Depot SWOT Regis University FIN 440 Professor: Doug Hartman October 5, 2009
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Executive Summary The Home Depot is the largest home improvement chain in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Currently the Home Depot operates over 1900 stores in all these areas, including a few stores in China as well. The Home Depot has recently had to start closing some stores due to the economic conditions that exist and I will reference the reason for this in the following report. This is a financial analysis of Home Depot. In addition, it will compare Home Depot to one of its biggest competitors, Lowes. This report will cover the following key points: 1. The revenue trend for Home Depot compared to Lowes. This section will also cover key ratios, and other financial statements. The biggest point to notice in this section is how
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Unformatted text preview: Home Depots revenue has gone down over $2 billion in the last 2 years. 2. Key ratios of Home Depot compared to the industry averages. 3. How Home Depots stock market performance has been during a portion of the economic recession. A key thing to notice is how Home Depot stock has stayed consistent even with an economic recession. 4. It will cover the economic conditions that favor Home Depot, the conditions that could create a challenge, and recommended financial decisions to help Home Depot. The purpose of this report is to inform readers of the financial conditions of Home Depot. It is also a comparison of how well Home Depot is doing compared to its largest competitor, Lowes. After reading this report, I hope that customers and anyone who views this will have a better understand of the economic conditions that face Home Depot, and how they compare to Lowes during the recession....
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