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Tim Gillespie Week 4 Ch 10 Web Excercise

Tim Gillespie Week 4 Ch 10 Web Excercise - Tim Gillespie...

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Tim Gillespie Week 4 Chapter 10 Web Exercise BOA Wells Fargo P/E Ratio 13.03 22.17 PEG Ratio 4.43 1.55 Stock Change -0.58 -1.83 52 Week Range 2.53 - 42.25 7.80 - 44.75 Mean Targe 12.00 21.46 High Target 24.00 38.00 Low Target 5.00 10.00 Bank of America is a financial company that offers non-banking and banking services to consumers. The company is a global company. They offer savings accounts, checking accounts, money market, certificates of depost, retirement accounts and many other options as well. Of these options their credit cards are a major part of the business, along with many loan options for individuals and businesses. BOA offers many different types of investing options for everyone. Along with all the banking services that are provided there are non-banking services that include insurance, estate management, brokerage, and credit and banking counseling services. "As of December 31, 2008, the company operated approximately 6,100 banking centers and 18,700 automated teller machines. Bank of America was founded in 1874 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina." (Yahoo,
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