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10/15/2008 1 Chem 1A Introduction Lecture 1: It’s a chemical world: Salt Scanning tunneling microscopy image of the surface of a grain of table salt (NaCl). It’s a chemical world: Benzene Ring shaped benzene molecules on a surface. It’s a chemical world: Manhattan Everything else is just atoms and molecules This quarter • Quantum theory of atoms • Understanding bonding • Warning: we will cover a lot of ground. Today’s contents • How things work and what you need to do • Units Units • Significant figures • Atoms and periodic table and ions How Chem 1A works 1. Go to lectures (Tuesday, Thursday 12.30) 2. Go to discussion hour (once a week) Our TAs are Donghyung Lee ( [email protected] edu ) 4 simple steps to success . and Attila Cangi ( [email protected] ). 3. Do online homework (3 times a week) http://eee.uci.edu/08f/40015/ 4. Check class website frequently: Chem 1A enrollment The instructor cannot sign add/drop cards. Enrollment must be done through WebReg or the Chemistry Dept. Undergraduate Program Office. http://chem.ps.uci.edu/~upo/ If you are registered for the class and you need to change discussions, please DO NOT drop/add online. This will cause you to be dropped from the lecture and make your life difficult. Just go to a different section. Homework Homework is 12% of your grade and is done online http://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/ class/cls75786 The HW TA is Rebecca Younger ([email protected]).
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10/15/2008 2 No email reply policy If you send me an email, and I take one minute to respond, that’s more than 6 hours if everyone sends one. So I don’t reply to emails. If you have questions for me, ask after class or during office hours The best is to ask ask after class or during office hours. The best is to ask your TA during discussion. I will send occasional broadcast emails, especially if something is urgent. So please read your email too. Sign up for LARC tutoring! •LARC ( L earning and A cademic R esource C enter) tutorials are interactive study groups that meet twice a week. •LARC tutors are experienced and trained . They’ve tutored for Chem 1A before and can help you succeed in it. •Check out www.larc.uci.edu for tutorial times and places, then Check out for tutorial times and places, then enroll using webreg. You must register before attending . Sessions begin this Wednesday/Thursday this week. •The cost is $60/quarter – that’s less than $3/hr for great tutoring on campus ! You might qualify for a free tutorial – find out on our website. •Contact Mark ( [email protected] ) with any questions. Tools: Units of Measurement International System (SI) based on the metric system Fundamental units of the SI system Physical Quantity Name of Unit Abbreviation Mass kilogram kg Length meter m Time second s Temperature kelvin K El. Current ampere A Amount of substance mole mol 2.54 cm 1 in unit factor Tools: Dimensional Analysis 2.85 cm = ? in unit conversions 2.54 cm = 1 in = 1 = 2.54 cm 2.54 cm unit factor 2.85 cm x = in = 1.12 in 1 in 2.54 cm 2.85 2.54 A (Unit 1) x unit factor = B (unit 2) Length: Miles in km How many miles is 10 km?
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k1-6 - Its a chemical world Salt Its a chemical world...

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