EXP21 - 1 Fijany Layla Fijany Chem 12A T/TH 5-10pm...

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1 Fijany Layla Fijany Chem 12A T/TH 5-10pm 11/24/2011 Experiment 21: Synthesis of n-butyl bromide and t-pentyl chloride Purpose : To synthesize n-butyl bromide and t-pentyl chloride. Introduction: In this experiment, n-butyl bromide (1-bromobutane) will be synthesized from the starting compound of n-butyl alcohol (1-butanol) via an SN2 mechanism. Also, t-pentyl chloride (2-chloro-2- methyl butane) will be synthesized from the starting compound t-pentyl alcohol (2-methyl-2-butanol) via an SN1 reaction mechanism. In this expermi reflux, extraction, distillation and IR spectra are among the techniques used. Hypothesis: Extraction and distillation will provide as a synthesis for the alkyl halides. Set Up: List of Reagents: FW (g/mol) BP (˚C) MP (˚C) Density (g/cm 3 ) Other (hazards, uses, etc) Sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4 ): 92g 337 10 .84 -clear, colorless, odorless liquid; extremely corrosive, highly exothermic reaction with water ; the major use for sulfuric acid is in the "wet method" for the production of phosphoric acid , used for manufacture of phosphate fertilizers as well as trisodium phosphate for detergents n-butylbromide (CH 3 (CH 2 ) 3 Br): 137.02 101 -112 1.28 - very slightly soluble in water, clear to yellow liquid Sodium bromide (NaBr): 102.9 1396 36 2.18 -white powder, used to prepare dense fluids used in oil wells; used as a hypnotic , anticonvulsant , and sedative in medicine 1-Butanol (C 4 H 10 O): 74.14 118 -90 0.81 - extremely irritating to eyes, inhalation may cause sore throat or dizziness; partially sol in water; used as artificial flavorant in butter, tert-pentanol (C 5 H 12 O): 88.15 101 -9 805 - colorless liquid, camphorous odor; In humans it possesses sedative , hypnotic , and anticonvulsant effects similar to ethanol through ingestion or inhalation, and was previously used in medicine for this purpose
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2 Hydrogen Bromide (HBr): 80.91 -66 -87 3.3 -colorless gas; a nonflammable gas with an acrid odor, fuming in moist air because of the formation of hydrobromic acid Anhydrous calcium chloride (CaCl 2 ): 111 1935 772 2.15 - white solid; behaves as a typical ionic halide
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EXP21 - 1 Fijany Layla Fijany Chem 12A T/TH 5-10pm...

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