Exam2 Fall06 11 am key - Full Name_ EXAM 2 (October 13,...

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Full Name___________________________________________ EXAM 2 (October 13, 2006) BIOCHEMISTRY 460 11 am Be sure to put your name on each page of the exam Name___________________________________________ A genetically engineered form of Cholera is found by screening airline passengers. When infection occurs, a toxin is secreted which attacks neurons in the cerebral 1
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cortex and results in dementia. Dr. DoGood sets out to understand how the toxin alters the function of neurons. It turns out that the toxin is a protease which, via proteolytic cleavage, activates an extracellular protein kinase . 1. What is the general name for enzymes stored in an inactive form? (5 points) zymogens or pro-enzymes The newly activated kinase phosphorylates the extracellular domain of an integral membrane protein-receptor and alters its activity. 2. What type of regulation is phosphorylation by a kinase? (5 points) covalent modification 3. Name two amino acid side chains which kinases phosphorylate. (5 points) pick two – his, thr, ser, tyr, or asp since it is phosphorylated in the P loop of some proteins 4. What enzyme class typically removes phosphate from phosphorylated proteins? (5
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Exam2 Fall06 11 am key - Full Name_ EXAM 2 (October 13,...

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