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California State University, East Bay College of Business and Economics Department of Management MGMT 3610: Human Resources Management (Winter 2012) T/Th 4:00pm-5:50pm, VBT 137 Professor Jed DeVaro Office Phone: (510) 885-3289 E-mail: [email protected] Office: VBT 427 (W 12:30-1:30pm, Th 2-4pm) If you remain in this course, I will assume that you have carefully read and remembered everything on this syllabus. Refer to it as needed throughout the quarter. By remaining in the course beyond the first day of class, you implicitly agree to adhere to all course expectations and policies. Course Description and Prerequisites : Fundamentals of strategic human resource management from the perspective of human resources professionals and general managers. Focus on how firms use human resource functions, such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, to gain a competitive advantage. Prerequisite: MGMT 3600 recommended. Readings: The required text for the course is: Lazear, Edward P., and Michael Gibbs. “Personnel Economics in Practice” (2009) 2 nd The text should not be viewed as a substitute for the lectures. The text presents complementary, and often very different, material. In some cases the lectures will match the text closely. In other cases the there will be little to no correspondence. This means that if you miss class, the textbook will not contain the missed material. You must obtain the notes from another student. If you expect or desire a close matching between lectures and textbook, you should not take this course! Expectations and Policies: 1. Attain access to the course website on Blackboard, and check it regularly. 2. Never contact me, via e-mail or otherwise, to convey unnecessary information or to ask any question that is answered (or that you can reasonably expect will eventually be answered during the quarter) either in this syllabus, on the course website, or on the 1
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CSUEB website. I will not respond to any such e-mails. Examples of e-mails to which I will not respond include, but are not limited to, the following: a) What date is our final exam, and where will it be held? b) What date is our midterm, and where will it be held? c) Will the final exam be cumulative? d) I can’t make it to class next week and just wanted to let you know. e) I’m sorry I missed class this week. f) Did I miss anything important in class? g) Are there any announcements you made in class that I should know about? h) I was late to class today; did I miss anything? i) I must miss the midterm, what should I do? j) Do you grade on a curve?
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syllabus_MGMT3610_Winter2012 - California State University...

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