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LS1 (Winter 2012): Study Guide Midterm II (Part A) This is a general study guide for the second midterm, and is NOT an inclusive list . Anything from lecture, demo, or posted readings is fair game. Study the lecture material in detail. In the textbook reading, for the chapters covered on the midterm, you should make sure that you can do the blue exercises to check your ability to integrate and apply the information in the chapter to appropriate situations. You may also find the questions at the back of the chapter helpful for working on testing skills. Midterm II will cover material from chapters 27-34 (Ch 27-30 are covered here in study guide part A, and Ch 31-34 will be covered in study guide part B to follow ). Although the midterm is not cumulative, you are still expected to understand basic concepts from Midterm I like natural selection and evolution. Midterm II will be comprised of multiple choice and possibly some matching questions. It’ll be worth a total of 170 points. Chapter 27 What is a phylogeny, and what types of data can be used to construct a phylogeny? How is speciation represented on a phylogeny? What is a synapomorphy? What defines a monophyletic group? How can homology and homoplasy be distinguished on a phylogenetic tree? What is the principle of parsimony? What are some of the limitations of the fossil record? You should be able to put the following events in the correct order:
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Study_Guide_MTII_Part_A - LS1 (Winter 2012): Study Guide...

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