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5650e2_fa2011 - ECE 5650/4650 Exam II Name Take-Home Exam...

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ECE 5650/4650 Exam II November 22, 2011 Name: Take-Home Exam Honor Code This being a take-home exam a strict honor code is assumed. Each person is to do his/her own work with no consultation with others regarding these problems. Bring any questions you have about the exam to me. Please be clear and concise in your answers. You may use M ATLAB where appropriate. The exam is due at the start of class on Tuesday November 22, 2011. 1.) In the multirate system shown below, suppose has Fourier transform such that , . 5 pts. a.) What value of T is required so that . 5 pts. b.) How should be chosen so that ? x c t   X c j 0 = 2 2000 C/D D/C 4 T T x c t   y c t   x n   x c nT = y n   X e j 0 4 = T y c t   x c t   =
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ECE 5650/4650 Exam I1, Fall 2011 2 of 6 10 pts. 2.) Using simple geometry find at frequencies and for the system with pole-zero configuration as given below. A hand calculation is sufficient.
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