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ECE 5650/4650 Final Exam Review Topics – Fall 2011 Final Exam Review Topics – Fall 2011 1. The final will be comprehensive, but new material that you have not been tested on will be emphasized. The length will be about 6 pages, no less than 5. 2. The exam is open book and open notes . 3. The following is a list of topics relevant for the final: Discrete-time signals and systems in the time domain, e.g., working with basic signal types, system properties, for LTI systems the convolution sum to get the output from input (something from this area likely) LCCDEs; classical solution techniques (not likely) The discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT); DTFT for LTI system gives the frequency response; for signals the spectrum; DTFT theorems and transform pairs (something from this area likely) •T h e z -transform; ROC, inverse transform using partial fraction expansions, transform theorems and transform pairs (a problem in this area for sure) Lowpass sampling theory; aliasing, ideal reconstruction
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