Java 1 - Two peculiar institutions Although most...

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Two peculiar institutions Although most examinations of historical apologetics have focused on the apologies of governmental, corporate or religious entities, American universities are now increasingly being confronted with their past, often based on the involvement of the university with slavery or with the slave trade. While there is no definitive list of universities that have actively examined their linkage to slavery, their number is growing, and now includes Yale University, Harvard University, the University of Maryland, the University of Virginia, William and Mary College and the University of North Carolina. We can assume that most institutions of higher education founded prior to emancipation will have some connections to answer to, whether they have currently began the process of exploration or not. The approach typically used by scholars to assess apologies of other institutions requires revision when applied to American universities as they publicly atone for their sins related to American slavery. Like
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Java 1 - Two peculiar institutions Although most...

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