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Fall 2006 Exam 3v1Key

Fall 2006 Exam 3v1Key - BIOCHEMISTRY 460 EXAM 3 VERSION 1...

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BIOCHEMISTRY 460 DR. CANFIELD EXAM 3, VERSION 1 KEY NOVEMBER 15, 2006 INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully! 1. BUBBLE YOUR NAME, LAST NAME FIRST ON THE SCANTRON SHEET. 2. BUBBLE EXAM VERSION UNDER “K” 3. BUBBLE SECTION NUMBER UNDER “P” True/False (1 pt ea) 1. _ A_ Thermogenin generates heat in brown adipose tissue for hibernating animals by providing a channel for funneling protons to the matrix. 2. _B_ Chiral compounds are characterized by having a center of symmetry. 3. _A _ Metabolism of ethanol in the liver depletes NAD+ needed for glycolysis 4. _A_ Anaerobic exercise stimulates blood vessel growth by activation of HIF-1. 5. _A__ In well-nourished adults, the major source of blood glucose between meals is glycogen. 6. _A_ Products of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex are Acetyl CoA and NADH. 7. _A__ The net yield of ATP from glycolysis is 2 per mole of glucose. 8. _B_ Beriberi resulting in congestive heart failure is a result of niacin deficiency. 9. _A__ Oxaloacetate in the Citric Acid cycle can be used for amino acid synthesis. 10. _ B_ Gluconeogenesis requires 2 ATP molecules for the synthesis of a single molecule of glucose. Multiple Choice (3 points each) ONLY ONE IS CORRECT 11. Most of the ATP made during cellular respiration is generated by a. substrate-level phosphorylation. b. oxidative phosphorylation. c. the citric acid cycle. d. glycolysis. 12. The reaction catalyzed by this enzyme requires a cofactor derived from thiamin a. glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. b. succinate dehydrogenase. c. pyruvate carboxylase. d. pyruvate dehydrogenase.
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