Notes 1 - Mahabharat notes Duryodhana said"I feel so...

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Mahabharat notes Duryodhana said: "I feel so distracted that no plan occurs to me. Perhaps, we may take advantage of the fact that these Pandavas are not born of one and the same mother and create enmity between the sons of Madri and those of Kunti. We can also try to bribe Drupada into joining our side. That he has given away his daughter in marriage to the Pandavas will not stand in the way of our making him an ally. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished by the power of wealth." Karna smiled and said: "This is but futile talk." Duryodhana continued: "We should somehow make sure that the Pandavas do not come here and demand of us the kingdom that is now in our possession. We may commission a few brahmanas to spread convenient rumours in Drupada's city and severally tell the Pandavas that
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they would meet with great danger if they were to go to Hastinapura. Then the Pandavas would fear to come here and we shall be safe, from them." Karna replied: "This too is idle talk. You cannot frighten them that way." Duryodhana continued: "Can we not
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Notes 1 - Mahabharat notes Duryodhana said"I feel so...

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