Pers 2 - The B.C Treaty Process was established through the...

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The B.C. Treaty Process was established through the report of the B.C. Claims Task Force, which began its work in 1991. The formation of this task force marked a decided break with previous efforts to address the land question in British Columbia. Instead of imposing justice upon First Nations peoples through monological processes whereby white adjudicators assessed the “needs” of First Nations communities,9 processes that inevitably resulted in renewed Aboriginal discontent, the B.C. Claims Task Force brought together three First Nations representatives with representatives from the provincial and federal governments to fashion a mutually agreeable process for dealing with land claims and governance issues. The procedural dimensions of treatymaking devised by these representatives were intended to encourage noncoercive and equitable communication between First Nations and non- Aboriginal government actors at the treaty tables. The guidelines for treatymaking included a list of 19 principles that were agreed to as the “bible” of the negotiations. As well, an independent body, the B.C. Treaty Commission (BCTC), was established to serve as the “keeper of the process” to ensure that all of the parties lived up to these 19 principles. However, the principles are, in fact, overly vague, allowing 5. Consider the problem: Maximize z = x 1 + 2 x 2 , subject to: x 1 + x 2 _ 8 , x 1 + x 2 _ 2 , x 1 x 2 _ 4 , x 2 _ 0 and integer, x 1 = 0 , 1 , 4 , or 6 . a) Reformulate the problem as an equivalent integer linear program.
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Pers 2 - The B.C Treaty Process was established through the...

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