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Sociology - Other non-Aboriginal persons involved in the...

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Other non-Aboriginal persons involved in the treaty process fear that differential treatment directed toward correcting past wrongs will result in the imposition of new injustices; that is, that the wrongs of the past will be addressed by creating new wrongs, this time imposed on those who did not directly play a role in the initial injustices. In their view, these earlier injustices have been “superseded” and compensation for the past will only result in a new round of injustices.43 We need equality. All of this is smoke and mirrors unless there is equality. You’re going to end up with division. We’ve been involved in this for years and years. And we (fishermen) are the only people having their jobs negotiated away (LMRAC member). 44 If you take our jobs then do it in a fair way so we aren’t left with nothing like Aboriginals once were. No one else in this room is having their jobs expropriated. The government did not compensate fishermen properly in Nisga’a. All I ask is that you give us some dignity (LMRAC
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