Notes 3 - Weve learned a lot, but theres nothing in...

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We’ve learned a lot,’ but there’s nothing in particular that they think Brown can do or should do, I will be very disappointed.”38 After granting the committee authority, the president allowed it to fulfill its charge. Simmons’s distancing stance defused potential ad hominem attacks against her and her motives for founding the committee, while committing Brown to action. Even after the report was released Simmons’s silence was newsworthy. As one article noted, Dr. Simmons issued a letter in response to the report, soliciting comments from the Brown community and saying she had asked for the findings to be discussed at an open forum. She declined to give her own reaction, saying, “When it is appropriate to do so, I will issue a university response to the recommendations and suggest what we might do.”39 The second institutional principle was Simmons’s commitment to an ideologically inclusive committee. Even if she herself was not actively shaping the report, she could do so via the selection of a similarly minded group
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Notes 3 - Weve learned a lot, but theres nothing in...

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