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These issues spill over into debates about universal versus particular standards of justice. The non-Aboriginal vision of justice as sameness is based on several universal principles, such as equality, fairness, and utility. But the particularity of First Nation demands often stand in conflict to these universal principles. What First Nations were really saying to government was that European-based, western views on everything from rights through to land tenure are contingent. They are your views and they are no better than our views. If you are going to sit down and negotiate with us you are going to have to accept that all of the foundational beliefs that you have developed, the legitimacy they have gained, and the manufacture of consent that occurs around them, are the products of a certain set of cultural assumptions. And the government thinks, You want us to come to the table and put all of these assumptions on the table? Oh my God! This could turn the world inside-out (provincial representative). 46
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