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If we look more carefully into the difficulties surrounding the story of the Oracle we will find additional confirmation of the role I have attributed to Plato in modifying Socrates words. There are many reasons to doubt the historicity of the Platonic version of the Oracle story. The story is beset with difficulties that stem, primarily, from the fact that in Plato s version the Oracle is responsible for the origin of Socrates philosophizing. First of all, it follows logically from Plato s story that the Oracle must have been given before Socrates started on his philosophical quest, and this has raised problems of chronology.56 Secondly, and for the same reason, it is hard to understand what would have led Chaerephon to ask his question if Socrates were not already distinguished at least in his eyes for a special degree of wisdom. Socrates himself professes to have been utterly incredulous when he got the response since he was not aware that he knew anything at all. Stokes (1992: 68 69) sees the
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