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Yes, sir, you damn well do. You want to explain yourself? I tried to tell you before. The voice was rigid, mechanical. I m a physicist. I run a research facility. We ve had a murder. You saw the body. How did you find me? Langdon could barely focus. His mind was racing from the image on the fax. I already told you. The Worldwide Web. The site for your book, The Art of the Illuminati. Langdon tried to gather his thoughts. His book was virtually unknown in mainstream literary circles, but
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Unformatted text preview: it had developed quite a following on-line. Nonetheless, the caller s claim still made no sense. That page has no contact information, Langdon challenged. I m certain of it. I have people here at the lab very adept at extracting user information from the Web. Langdon was skeptical. Sounds like your lab knows a lot about the Web. We should, the man fired back. We invented it. Something in the man s voice told Langdon he was not joking....
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