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'Vernon Gregory Little?' The lady offers me a barbecued rib. She offers half-heartedly, though, and frankly you'd feel sorry to even take the thing when you see the way her chins vibrate over it. She returns my rib to the box, and picks another for herself. 'Gh-rr, let's start at the beginning. Your habitual place of residence is seventeen Beulah Drive?' 'Yes ma'am.' 'Who else resides there?' 'Nobody, just my mom.' 'Doris Eleanor Little ' Barbecue sauce drips onto her name badge. Deputy Vaine Curie it says underneath. 'And you're fifteen years old? Awkward age.' Is she fucken kidding or what? My New Jacks rub together for moral support. 'Ma'am - will this take long?' Her eyes widen for a moment. Then narrow to a squint. 'Vernon - we're talking accessory to murder here. It'll take as long as it takes.' 'So, but ' 'Don't tell me you weren't close to the Meskin boy. Don't tell me you weren't just about his only friend, don't you tell me that for one second.' 'Ma'am, but I mean, there must be plenty of witnesses who saw more than I did.' 'Is that right?' She looks around the room. 'Well I don't see anyone else here - do you?' Like an asshole I look around.
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