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Langdon s aversion to closed spaces was by no means debilitating, but it had always frustrated him. It manifested itself in subtle ways. He avoided enclosed sports like racquetball or squash, and he had gladly paid a small fortune for his airy, high-ceilinged Victorian home even though economical faculty housing was readily available. Langdon had often suspected his attraction to the art world as a young boy sprang from his love of museums wide open spaces. The engines roared to life beneath him, sending a deep shudder through the hull. Langdon swallowed hard and waited. He felt the plane start taxiing. Piped-in country music began playing quietly overhead. A phone on the wall beside him beeped twice. Langdon lifted the receiver. Hello? Comfortable, Mr. Langdon? Not at all. Just relax. We ll be there in an hour. And where exactly is there? Langdon asked, realizing he had no idea where he was headed.
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Unformatted text preview: Geneva, the pilot replied, revving the engines. The lab s in Geneva. Geneva, Langdon repeated, feeling a little better. Upstate New York. I ve actually got family near Seneca Lake. I wasn t aware Geneva had a physics lab. The pilot laughed. Not Geneva, New York, Mr. Langdon. Geneva, Switzerland. The word took a long moment to register. Switzerland? Langdon felt his pulse surge. I thought you said the lab was only an hour away! It is, Mr. Langdon. The pilot chuckled. This plane goes Mach fifteen. 5 O n a busy European street, the killer serpentined through a crowd. He was a powerful man. Dark and potent. Deceptively agile. His muscles still felt hard from the thrill of his meeting. It went well, he told himself. Although his employer had never revealed his face, the killer felt honored to...
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