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Dat 14 - The next day newspapers around the globe carried...

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The next day, newspapers around the globe carried the same headline. The killer became a believer. Now, fifteen days later, the killer s faith had solidified beyond the shadow of a doubt. The brotherhood endures, he thought. Tonight they will surface to reveal their power. As he made his way through the streets, his black eyes gleamed with foreboding. One of the most covert and feared fraternities ever to walk the earth had called on him for service. They have chosen wisely, he thought. His reputation for secrecy was exceeded only by that of his deadliness. So far, he had served them nobly. He had made his kill and delivered the item to Janus as requested. Now, it was up to Janus to use his power to ensure the item s placement. The placement . . . The killer wondered how Janus could possibly handle such a staggering task. The man obviously had connections on the inside. The brotherhood s dominion seemed limitless. Janus, the killer thought. A code name, obviously. Was it a reference, he wondered, to the Roman twofaced god . . . or to the moon of Saturn? Not that it made any difference. Janus wielded unfathomable
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