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HR practice - HR practice Q1 UC has set itself a...

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HR practice Q1. UC has set itself a challenging goal-to jump into the rank of top one-third universities 1. What would be the roles and role-change of HR will play in UC’s strategic plan. 2. How to revamp HR practice in the following area: a. Recruitment and Selection Definition recruitment and selection and others Realistic recruitment seeks to provide the job candidate all pertinent information ( both positive and negative) without distortion, and before the job is accepted. Selection Validity Refers to the degree to which what is begin assessed is related to actual performance on the job. The ability to establish job-related validity is crucial to employers in defending themselves in discrimination allegations in the courts Content validity illustrates that the measure or criterion is representative of actual job content or knowledge that the employee should have to perform the job successfully Criterion(empirical) validity is a demonstrated relationship between the screening criteria and job performance Reliability Is the consistency of the measurement being taken. Screening criteria should elicit the same results in repeated trials across time and across evaluators
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HR practice - HR practice Q1 UC has set itself a...

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