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Course Number MGT 4340 Course Title Strategic Management Location Sugarland Course Day and Time Monday: 7:00:00 PM-9:45:00 PM Prerequisites Senior standing. All BBA core courses , one of which may be taken concurrently. Instructor Uche Nwabueze Office Room 366 Brazos Building Phone 713-922-7930 Fax - Email Faculty Homepage/URL Course Homepage/URL Textbook Information John E. Gamble and Authur A Thompson Jr., Essentials of Strategic Management the Quest for Competitive Advantage , 2 ed., McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN 9780078137143. Information on Buying Textbooks Course Objectives As a result of this course, students will 1. Synthesize ambiguous, uncertain, and conflicting data in formulating strategic plans. 2. Integrate the knowledge gained in prior core business courses to address strategic issues. 3. Apply written and verbal communication skills to case analysis. 4. Analyze the business environment to aid in developing strategic direction. 5. Apply the concepts, theories, and frameworks of strategic analysis to identify strategic issues and develop strategic options. 6. Know the concepts, theories, and frameworks of strategic analysis. Grading Scale: Your letter grade is determined using the grade distribution that follows. You can calculate your percentage grade at any time in the semester by dividing the points you have accrued by the total points available up to that point. This percentage is then matched to a letter grade. A 90% or higher B 80 to 89% C 70 to 79% D 60 to 69% F Less than 60%
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Course Assessments: Midterm Project 25% Final Project 30% Project Presentation 25% Quizzes (each 15 pts) 15% ETS Test 5% Midterm Project Midterm will be an individual case analysis of Starbucks, which is to provide you an opportunity to perform a External analysis and to identify strategic issues. Each student will develop a formal written analysis using the same outline that will be used (see Case Outline below). The format is based on the premise that you are a consultant to the firm and have been asked to develop a strategic plan. You will need to begin with analysis (not description) on the external situation analysis. Then you need to conclude what are the critical challenges for the three sections of the external environment analysis. For the general environment analysis, you need to conclude it with driving forces; for industry analysis, you need to include a summary of industry analysis at the end of the section; for competition analysis, you need to have an industry key success factors. The External analysis must be 15 pages. More detailed information will be provided in Announcement in class. Final Project
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ScheduleSp11(1) - Course Number Course Title Location...

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