International Relations review

International Relations review - Structural violence a form...

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Structural violence - a form of violence which corresponds with the systematic ways in which a given social structure or social institution kills people slowly by preventing them from meeting their basic needs. Aggression as instinct - "Thanatos" all people wish to be dead, so this aggression is channelled through things like war. Conred Lorenz: aggression is a natural trait, helps us survive. Aggression as learned - Frustration-aggression theory: aggression is something learned through life experience (Davies). As desire increases, one can either achieve his or her goal or fail and become frustrated. As failures continue, one becomes more aggressive. Diaspora - any people or ethnic population who are forced or induced to leave their traditional homelands, the dispersal of such people, and the ensuing developments of their culture. Ranked system - One ethnic group is placed above a lower ethnic group. Lower group is economically dependent upon upper group. Lower group does not have means to surpass or challenge upper group. The groups do not interact with each other on a daily basis. Examples: caste system in India, civil rights movement/ segregation in the United States. Unranked system - One ethnic group lives geographically separate from the other ethnic group. The two groups are economically independent. Relative deprivation is a possible outcome; the second group believes that the first group has an unfair advantage over them. Ethnocentrism comes into play, and the second group begins to feel inferior to the first group, which causes them to become closer with their own ethnic group. Relative deprivation - the experience of being deprived of something to which one thinks he is entitled to; a term used in social sciences to describe feelings or measures of economic, political, or social deprivation that are relative rather than absolute; the
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International Relations review - Structural violence a form...

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