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Unformatted text preview: Displacement vector m average velocity m/s instantaneous velocity m/s Average acceleration m/s2 Instantaneous acceleration m/s2 With Constant Acceleration velocity m/s Displacement m/s2 velocity m/s Displacement m In Projectile Motion Maximum Height m Horizontal Range : The angle of the vector m The time at the projectile reaches the peak linear momentum Newton’s second law the horizontal. s kg.m/s N m : mass v : v elocity with the momentum of an isolated Conservation of Linear kg.m/s Momentum Impulse system kg.m/s kinetic energy J In Two Dimensional Collisions kg.m/s elastic collision kg.m/s perfectly inelastic collision m/s two-dimensional collision in which particle 1 of mass m1 collides with In glancing collision particle 2 of mass m2 , where particle 2 is initially at rest - momentum of the system is conserved in all collisions, but kinetic energy of the system is conserved only in elastic collisions. M : total mass position of the center of mass m Velocity of the center of mass m/s Acceleration of the center of mi : particles masses 2 m/s mass Total momentum of a system kg.m/s of particles Newton’s second law for a N system of particles Rocket Propulsion The operation of a rocket depends upon the law of conservation of linear momentum as applied to a system of particles, where the system is the rocket plus its ejected fuel. average force exerted on the gun n : is the number of bullets fired N each second . : the magnitude of the Conservation of Momentum kg.m/s momentum of a rocket plus its fuel . : the exhaust speed Expression for rocket propulsion Thrust on the rocket Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis r : fixed distance from the origin, (vector Position) arc length : the artificial unit radian angle. angular displacement average angular speed rad/s instantaneous angular speed rad/s average angular acceleration rad/s instantaneous angular acceleration 2 rad/s2 ...
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