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Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK, and 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148, USA. © 2006 The Authors Journal Compilation © 2006 IOM International Migration Vol. 44 (5) 2006 ISSN 0020-7985 The Danish Cartoon Affair: Free Speech, Racism, Islamism, and Integration Contributors: Professor Tariq Modood , University of Bristol, is currently working on multi- cultural challenges to secularism, including a Leverhulme Programme project on British National Identity, Religion and “Difference”. His next book, Multi- culturalism: A Civic Idea , Polity Press, appears in April 2007. Professor Randall Hansen , University of Toronto, organized this debate. He became interested in the controversy for two reasons. First, as he witnessed the events unfolding in late 2005 and early 2006 it seemed to him that the whole crisis raised basic questions about multiculturalism, religious accommodation, and integration. Second, the crisis coincided with an email debate that he was having with members of the political science department at the University of Toronto (including Joseph Carens) about how liberals should react to an event, organized here, entitled “Israeli Apartheid week”. He is the author of Citizenship and Immi- gration in Postwar Britain (OUP, 2000). His website is www.randallhansen.ca. Professor Erik Bleich , Middlebury College, is the author of Race Politics in Britain and France: Ideas and Policymaking since the 1960s (Cambridge Univer- sity Press, 2003) and has written extensively on issues of ethnic minority integration in Western Europe. His current research focuses on state responses to hate crimes and other forms of ethnic, racial, and religious violence. Professor Brendan O’Leary , University of Pennsylvania, is the author, co-author, or co-editor of 15 books, including Terror, Insurgency and the State (2007), Understanding Northern Ireland: Colonialism, Control and Consociation (2007), The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq (2005), and The Northern Ireland Conflict (2004). He is now evaluating the stability of pluralist federations and consociations. Professor Joseph H. Carens , University of Toronto, is the author of a book on multiculturalism ( Culture, Citizenship, and Community , Oxford University Press 2000) and is completing a book on the ethics of immigration tentatively titled Who Belongs? Immigration, Democracy, and Citizenship .
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4 The Danish cartoon affair © 2006 The Authors Journal Compilation © 2006 IOM The Liberal Dilemma: Integration or Vilification? 1 Tariq Modood The origins of the infamous Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad do not lie in an attempt to offer contemporary comment, let alone satire, but the desire to illustrate a children’s book. While such pictures would have been distasteful to many Muslims – hence why no illustrator could be found – the cartoons are in an entirely different league of offence. They are all unfriendly to Islam and Muslims and the most notorious implicate the Prophet with terrorism. If the
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DanishCartoonAffair - The Danish Cartoon Affair: Free...

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