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Unformatted text preview: Van Rompuy on past EU ties with Libya: "Did we always have good policies in the past? No. Have we corrected this? Yes.' (Photo: ANDREW RETTMAN Today @ 19:13 CET EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said the Union should take credit for international action which prevented a "bloodbath" in Libya, amid a downgrading of the bloc's common security policy to a food-and-blankets aid mission. Speaking to MEPs in Strasbourg on Tuesday (5 April), the Belgian politician said that British, French and UK strikes on Gadda f targets on 19 March would "not have been possible" without the "clear position" taken on Libya at an EU summit one week earlier. Noting that Germany voiced strong disapproval of military action at the time, he said "a massive bloodbath has been avoided ... This is the most important result and deserves the highest attention, more so than the decision-making process." "From the beginning of the crisis, the European Union was at the forefront: the f rst to impose tough sanctions; the f rst to impose a travel ban on leading f gures in the regime; the f rst to freeze Libyan assets; the...
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EUObserver_EUShouldTakeCreditForLibyaActionpdf - Van Rompuy...

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