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ACCT 555 – Accounting Policy and Research Suggested Reading Emphasis for Class 2 Beaver (Tom F.) Focus on the first few sections which set up the goals and methods of the paper (pages 67-70). We will also look at two of the main results, particularly “Volume Analysis – Unadjusted for Market Influences” starting on page 74 (and figure 1) and “Price Analysis – Adjusted for Influence of Market-Wide Events”, starting on page 78 (and figure 6). Although it was to avoid a cluster of announcements, as two out of three Compustat firms have their fiscal year end on 12/31, would the elimination of those firms in a way affect the final result? Akerlof (Tom F.) This paper has a fair bit of math in it, so try not to get bogged down in the math. What I will do in class, is to go through the simplest example (in part IIA). So read this, and the introduction (part I) carefully. Skim the insurance example (part IIIA), giving particular thought to this paper’s relevance for accounting, and then read sections IV and V at the
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