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Freud said that we all want to be dead (“Thanatos”), and we channel this aggression through things like war. Theda Scotpol theorized that all political leaders who pursue war and other strong acts are acting out of aggression which they have held since childhood and are trying to instinctively lose this feeling. Conred Lorenz said the aggression we experience is a natural trait of nature, a positive trait that helps us survive. Frustration aggression theory (aggression is something that is learned through life experience, developed by Davies). As desire increases, one can either achieve his or her goal or fail and become frustrated. As failures continue, one becomes aggressive. When an elite is in power and he or she abuses his or her power, the masses/constituency can become displeased and turn to aggression. Diaspora - any people or ethnic population who are forced or induced to leave their traditional homelands , the dispersal of such people, and the ensuing developments in their culture. Separatist movements: Basque of Spain, Tamil of Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan of Armenia, Pakistan/India,
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