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Aya Aly Economic Geography 252 Research proposal For my research project I will research about the Arab Uprising. I want to talk about the revolutions that happened starting from January 2011. My topic will revolve around the corruption in Egypt and what is the inspiration behind the Arab Revolute. The protesters are mainly young people who have personal and national aspirations, which they believe they can never achieve under authoritarian and corrupt rule. Contrary to the impression Islamic fundamentalism has created in the last decade, most young Arabs do not want to live an isolated, restricted, and medieval existence circumscribed by religion. They want to be educated, enjoy social mobility, have a reasonable hope of a good future and a measure of self- esteem, and to be treated with dignity. Most young Arabs want modernization and a strong economy that would provide jobs, nice cars, and some version of a Western-style, less limiting social life. The Arab-Muslim world has been facing social and political tensions ever since
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