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VAB User Manual - * ( 7 7 , 1 * 6 7 $ 5 7 ( ' : , 7 + 9 $ %...

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Unformatted text preview: * ( 7 7 , 1 * 6 7 $ 5 7 ( ' : , 7 + 9 $ % * ( 7 7 , 1 * 6 7 $ 5 7 ( ' : , 7 + 9 $ % *HWWLQJ 6WDUWHG ZLWK 9$% The starting point for your DSP development Congratulations! With your copy of Visual Application Builder (VAB) software, you will soon be introduced to a powerful visual DSP design environment. This software is intended to allow you to easily create your own DSP algorithms for use on Texas Instruments C31 DSK hardware. Visual DSP design is a methodology of developing DSP algorithms and systems graphically by simply connecting functional block components together with point-and- click methods. As you will see from the use of VAB, algorithms can be built-up extremely quickly and efficiently. For those of you who are using a C31 DSK DSP board you will be able to create real-time DSP implementations and experience an incredibly efficient means of graphical programming without having to write any source code at all! Imagine actually programming a DSP without having to use C or assembly language. This is the power that VAB gives to you. This user manual will provide the basic information needed to run VAB. This chapter provides software installation instructions, steps to take first, and an overview of the VAB tools that are available. Further chapters will provide tutorial and reference information, including block component descriptions. ,QVWDOODWLRQ Installation of the VAB software requires a CD-ROM drive and a hard drive partition with approximately five megabytes of available space. Follow these directions to install the VAB software onto your hard disk. To install VAB 1. Make sure that your computer and monitor are turned on and that you have installed Microsoft Windows (95/98/NT). 2. Insert the Hyperception VAB installation CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The VAB installation will be invoked automatically unless the CD-ROM Autorun option has been disabled. If the Autorun feature has been disabled you can begin manual installation by following steps 3 & 4 below: 3. Move the mouse pointer to the Run... on the Start menu and click once to choose the Run command. The Run dialog box will appear on your screen. 4. Use the Browse option to select the VAB Setup.exe program from the VAB CD- ROM Disk1 folder. 5. As the VAB is installed, follow the instructions on your screen. The installation program will automatically detect whether or not you have enough space available on your hard drive. &KDSWHU VAB allows you to easily create your own designs for real-time use on the TI C31 DSK hardware without ever having to write any C or assembly source code! After installation is complete, you can select the VAB icon from the Start Programs Hyperception folder, or select the VAB button from the HyperLAB toolbar. 9 $ % 6 7 $ 5 7 ( 5 6 * 8 , ' ( 9 $ % 6 7 $ 5 7 ( 5 6 * 8 , ' ( 5XQQLQJ 9$% IRU WKH )LUVW 7LPH After you have completed the VAB installation you can select the VAB icon from either the newly installed HyperLAB Taskbar located at the top of your computer screen or...
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VAB User Manual - * ( 7 7 , 1 * 6 7 $ 5 7 ( ' : , 7 + 9 $ %...

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