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Unformatted text preview: Understanding Aliasing Constant Sampling Rate Variable Frequency Sinewave Window Generation RT DSP to PC Upload 2 RT Sine Generator 1 RT Hamming Window 1 FFT 1 Magnitude 1 The frequency of the sinusoid has been selected to span from 100Hz to 3000Hz. The sampling frequency is set to 2000Hz Frequency Domain View Sets Sets Frequency RT DSP to PC Upload 8 Sinusoid Frequency Constant Frequency Variable Sampling Rate RT Sine Generator 2 RT Hamming Window 2 The sinusoid frequency is set to 1000 Hz The sampling rate spans from 100Hz to 3000Hz RT DSP to PC Upload 9 FFT 3 Time Domain View Magnitude 3 Sets Sample Rate half RT DSP to PC Upload 11 Native Gain 1 Sets Gain Value Sets Horizontal Manual Scale Max Frequency Domain Sampling Frequency RT DSP to PC Upload 10 Time Domain View ...
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