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Unformatted text preview: DSK Overview 1.2 DSK Overview Figure 1–1 depicts the block diagram of the TMS320C3x DSK hardware. The basic components are the TMS320C31 DSP, the TLC32040 AIC, expansion connectors, system clock, parallel printer port interface, and tri-color LED. The parallel printer port connects the DSK to a host PC and allows the TMS320C31 to communicate with PC programs. All of the signals for the ’C3x are routed to expansion connectors. The expansion connectors include four 32-pin headers, an 11-pin jumper block, and a 12-pin XDS510 header. The TLC32040 AIC interfaces to the TMS320C3x serial port. A jumper block allows removal of this connection to route the serial port to a DSK daughtercard that you supply. Two RCA connectors provide analog input and output on the board. Figure 1–1. TMS320C3x DSK Block Diagram ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Parallel port interface ÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á Á Á ÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Á ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁ ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ I/O expansion connector Serial port TLC32040 AIC TMS320C31–50 Analog in Analog out A23–A0 D31–D0 Control Emulation port XDS510 MPSD port See Appendix B, DSK Circuit Board Dimensions and Schematic Diagrams, for an explanation of the basic DSK components. Introduction 1-3 Step 1: Connecting the DSK to Your PC 2.2 Step 1: Connecting the DSK to Your PC Follow these steps to connect your DSK board to your PC: 1) Turn off your PC’s power. 2) Connect your parallel printer port cable to the parallel communication port (LPT) on your PC. This port can be identified by its size and pin type, which should be the female matching equivalent to the DSK. (RS232 ports which use DB25 connectors use the opposite pin configuration). 3) Plug the parallel printer port cable into the DSK DB25 connector. 4) Plug 7–12 Vdc or 6–9 Vac power supply into the DSK power supply connector. See Figure 2–1 for details. Figure 2–1. Connecting Your Parallel Printer Port Cable and Transformer Into Your DSK Board PAL 22V10 System clock LED Power supply connector RCA jack analog out RCA jack analog in TLC32040 Plug your printer cable into this socket (DB25 female) 5) Plug the transformer into a wall socket. 6) Turn on your PC’s power. 7) The LED will illuminate either red or green. Note: Some manufacturers of plug-in cards may also use DB25 connectors that appear to be of the same type. If this is the case, be sure to check the PC configuration thoroughly before continuing. 2-4 ...
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