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International Relations Notes

International Relations Notes - Liberalism is a response to...

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Liberalism is a response to World War I. -Born in the USA. -World War I was caused by the failure of diplomacy. -The problems facing the international community are not caused by states. -For liberals, war is completely avoidable. -Woodrow Wilson planted the seeds of liberalism. --1918: The Fourteen Points speech. --War is caused by militarists and war-mongerers. --Another cause of WWI was that there are no international guidelines about war. --Covenants that are unanimously agreed on/openly arrived at. --Creation of League of Nations. ---LON was a public assurance of security. --The balance of power was the mechanism for providing security in the international system prior to the League of Nations. --Each nation would guarantee the security of each other. --LON did away with the alliance formations. --The laws created by the LON would govern the international system. --Before WWI, the main governing mechanism in the international system was war. REALISM V. LIBERALISM The Major Actor (who carries the onus): -Realism: the state is the actor. -Liberalism: individual is the actor (citizens, etc.) The International Community: -R: Anarchy or war. -L: Peace. Tools to bring about change: -R: Force/torque or power. -L: Non-Government Organizations (ex: Red Cross, Amnesty Internat'l, World Bank), International Organizations (NATO, EU, AU, Arab League). --Int. Orgs. monitor defection before it escalates into a conflict. --Also Int. Orgs. develop trust and communications between the parties. How Security is reached in International Community: -R: Balance of power. -L: Diplomacy, communication, establish democracies (or liberal governments). Underlying Principle of the International Community: -R: War. -L: Law. Domestic Liberalism - domestic political institutions determine the foreign policy that will be made.
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